Safety Tips

Put safety first when anyone is around your pool or spa! Here are basic safety reminders for enjoying your backyard paradise:


  • Always insist on constant, responsible adult supervision in any pool or spa environment. Make sure an adult with CPR training is available at all times.
  • Children should never be left in a pool or spa area unattended – even for a minute!
  • Install and maintain appropriate safety barriers and equipment. This includes fencing, gates, self-latches, alarms, motion detectors and other safety equipment.
  • Fences around your pool/spa area should be at least five feet high, separating the pool from the residence. Make sure the area surrounding the fence is clear of objects that could be used to climb over into the pool area.
  • Keep an emergency action plan along with telephone and emergency numbers by the pool at all times. Have rescue equipment such as a shepherd’s hook and lifesaving ring within easy reach.
  • Teach children water safety, including never going near the pool or spa alone, staying away from drains, no running in the pool area, etc.
  • A licensed electrician experienced with pools and spas should inspect equipment to make sure everything is properly grounded, bonded and protected.